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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

Many people know Jojo Siwa as the little girl with the slick back high pony and giant bow from Dance Moms. She is now 20 years old and decided to make a “drastic” change in her life. Steering away from the boomerang persona she made for herself at age 12, she wants to show the world the new and edgy adult side of her. On April 5th, 2024 she released her new single “KARMA.” Bringing the entire internet into a frenzy, from the lyrics to the dance moves to the music video, she is the talk of all social media platforms. I, along with many others, questioned “why these lyrics” “why those moves” or “who came up with this.” The lyrics are so outdated and cringe, “I was a bad girl, I did bad things” and “thou shall not lie, thou shall not cheat,” like why are we traveling 60 decades back. The whole purpose of this song was to create her “bad girl” image but in my opinion adding “bitch” to your vocabulary does not mean you did “bad things.” I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t go 3 minutes on tiktok without seeing her do that ridiculous dance move to start the chorus. She is so aggressive and bouncy throughout the whole dance that it quite literally makes me uneasy. The more you watch it, the more you think “why?” Now, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the music video. I’ve seen enough clips from tiktok and from what I’ve seen, it was a mess. For one, her spawning from the ocean then crawling on the beach like a newborn alligator was absolutely mind boggling. Don’t even get me started on what provoked her to hump one of the dancers, because I could not tell you. You may think I am judging her too hard but you don’t understand until you see what she has done to promote this song and her absolutely wild interviews during these promotions.

This entire era got me thinking of all the possible reasons on why she may be doing the things she’s doing. What if she is a social experiment? Let me explain. A couple weeks after Jojo showed the entire world the choreo for “KARMA,” we then met the choreographer who actually made the dance. That’s when everyone knew Jojo was the problem. Watching the man who created such a “terrible” dance, wasn’t actually terrible at all. Watching anyone other than Jojo do the dance is actually slightly pleasing. Then about a week ago it was revealed that Jojo didn’t write a single lyric for “KARMA,” the song was actually an unreleased song by Brit Smith back in 2012. Technically she didn’t steal the song because Brit Smith sold Jojo the song a couple years back. This doesn’t change my opinions about the lyrics, but I will say it made sense for it being a song in 2012 not 2024. If the dancing, lyrics and song is not that bad in general then the only answer is Jojo is making them worse than they are. Now I don’t think she actually wants to be like this, I think she is in it for the money. In our generation embarrassing yourself is one easy way to make a lot of it, and no one around her cares because they see the numbers. And even if she wanted to steer away from the tutus and bows then this is a great way to do it while profiting. If it isn’t for the money then it’s a distraction from whatever the world is about to throw at us. There is nothing anyone can say or do to convince me that she is whole heartily acting the way she is out of free will because there are sooooooo many more ways to change yourself other than this.

Samya Settles is a member of Her Campus at IUP, she covers fashion and current pop culture topics. She wants to write about every hot topic going on in the entertainment industry. She loves any and everything to do with modeling and hopes to pursue that career in the future, along with running her own business. She is attending IUP for her bachelors in Entrepreneurship and Small Business, she also considers earning her masters in the future. She is an active member of NAACP, Management Association, and Sign Club. In her free time, she like to listen to music, watch YouTube, ride her bike, workout and learn new languages. She is obsessed with the color pink, pandas and food. One thing she is extremely good at is binge watching shows, finishing them in less than two days!