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Interviewing My British Friend

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

One of my favorite things that has happened to me this year was being able to meet my friend Eloise, who is from across the pond over in England. Since I can’t travel to certain places right now with COVID regulations, it was exciting to be able to meet someone from another country. Eloise is in a 2-year program for Equine Management at her college and we met through mutual friends. I wanted to get some insight into what it’s like over in England and things that we Americans do that just don’t make sense. 

Q: What does Britain want to be called? Britain, Great Britain, England, the United Kingdom, or the UK.?

A: It really depends on context! England is the country, the UK is all of the countries like England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and Britain is a more “native word”

Q: What is one thing you wish non-English people knew about England?
A: That not all of England is the same! Much like accents from different states over there, different counties have different accents.

Q: What is one thing you don’t understand about American culture?

A: Probably your school system as a whole, the names you give the year groups are very confusing haha.

Q: What is your favorite authentic food? 

A: I absolutely adore having fish and chips but a good cottage pie will always be a firm favourite.

Q: Where is one place you would want people to visit if they came to see you?

A: Good question, there are soooo many beautiful places here. Close to home the Norfolk coastline is stunning and walking along the folklore coast of black shuck is an amazing experience!

Q: What is one thing Americans do that you find hilarious?
A: When you guys come over here, watching you try to understand driving on the left is hilarious!

Q: What is one thing Americans do that makes you angry?

A: A general thing would be assuming we are all posh. 90% of us a very far from it-

Q: What is one word you know Americans would have trouble saying?

A: Worcestershire, of course. And any Welsh place name. I’ve heard you say them and it’s funny to watch. 

Q: Do you ever want to travel to America?

A: Yes! I plan on it a bit later this year

Q: Why do you drink tea so much?

A: Because it’s nice- there’s nothing better than hot tea on a rainy day. 

Q: Do you know why you call them jumpers instead of sweaters? 

 A: A sweater is still a thing- just two very different styles

Brooke is an English education major at IUP and plans to graduate in spring 2022. Alongside Her Campus, she has also performed with the IUP Dance Theater and is part of the Kappa Delta Pi honors society and the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).