Insecurities Series: Clothes

Three words from HELL. 

School. Clothes. Shopping.

When I was younger, my mom always loved taking me school clothes shopping. It was fun to get out and have fun but the trying on was the worst part. I was always bigger than everyone else and I never knew why until just last year (which I will talk about in my next insecurity article). This made it hard for me to make friends, care about myself, and feel good in what I wore. So I hated everything I tried on and felt disgusting. It was so detrimental to my health because as a ten-year-old girl self-esteem is nothing and then I had to deal with that. 

Sad woman with smudged mascara holding a fake smile Photo by Sydney Sims from Unsplash

I never liked clothes shopping but I still go. My friends can go to any store and try on anything and look so good. I can find maybe one thing in Walmart that will fit me and it isn't for my age range. Now I only shop online. This eliminates embarrassment and disappointment for a couple of reasons. I buy 1 or 2 sizes bigger so I do not have to return the item. I know what I can wear and what I cannot. However, I never try something new, it is always the same outfit. It is hard and I will never understand why there isn't more clothing size diversity in every store. What I am proud of though is that American Eagle has just started carrying sizes larger than an 18 in jeans. This is so nice because it is a name brand and they are super comfy. I appreciate this and hope others follow suit soon!