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How It Started

I have never really been the type of person that could listen to podcasts.  I never used to have free time to just be able to sit down and listen to something for longer than maybe 10 minutes.  During the summer, I somehow became aware of a certain podcast called “My Favorite Murder”.  I would listen to a few episodes while I was tanning where the hosts would read hometown murders that were sent in by listeners via email.  They kept me entertained but I never found the time to make it through the entire episode.

A Realization

One day while I was driving to my boyfriend’s apartment, I got tired of the playlist I had been listening to for a couple of weeks.  I switched over to my podcast app, turned on an episode of “My Favorite Murder”, and was immediately hooked.  My hour drive went by in a flash and I couldn’t believe that I had made it through an entire episode without becoming distracted.  The time that I used to spend listening to the same songs over and over was quickly replaced with the voices of Karen and Georgia.

A Slight Obsession

After months of listening to podcast after podcast, I was still just as interested as the first time I put the podcast on in my car.  I had joined their Facebook group, engaged in conversations with other listeners, and even bought some merch.  The stories continue to get more interesting as I move through the list of recordings and honestly I don’t expect to lose interest any time soon.   

Not Just Murder

The hosts, Karen and Georgia, are hilarious and their voices are made for radio.  They primarily focus on two murders each episode, but other subjects pop up during the show and I almost always find myself literally laughing out loud.  If you are a fan of true crime or need something to listen to during a long car ride, give this podcast a listen.  I promise you won’t regret it.

Cat Mom. Journalism Major. HUGE Harry Styles Fan. True Crime Lover.
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