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Recently the romanticization of the 2010’s began, and with that is the longing for a summer that feels like 2014 again. Here are some essentials for how to capture the summer of your childhood dreams!

write all of this on a large poster board

Writing things down holds us more accountable to our goals, so to make sure you accomplish all of your goals for summer write it down. If you want to make it more fun you can write them all on a big posterboard with fun colors and doodles and hang it up as an additional form of motivation.

curate the perfect playlist

Before you even do anything on your bucket list it is important to know the vibe and feeling you want, and the easiest way to create that is with a playlist. If you want the most 2014 summer possible then only add songs from that era, One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer, Ke$ha, 1989 Taylor Swift, and the list goes on!

go to the beach/lake

A beach or lake day is the perfect way to either relax and reset or have a fun time! When there just make sure to make the most of the day, getting to the beach early, going in the water, and staying on the boardwalk all night.

go to an amusement park

There are a lot of great amusement park options around, so whether you choose to go to a smaller park like Knobels or Kennywood, or a larger park like Hershey, make sure to get as many sweet treats and souvenir pictures as possible!

go to a concert

A good summer concert is something most people do every summer, but if you want to have some 2010s nostalgia go and see an artist you were really into at that time!

work at a summer camp

Now this one is a much bigger commitment than everything else on the list, but working at a camp is the perfect way to ensure you’re having fun all summer. Your whole day is preplanned with activities and breaks, and you get to help create memories for the kids you work with!

road trip

A road trip is the perfect way to spend time with friends for however long you want, a road trip can be a day or two, or over a week long. What’s important though is that there are plenty of stops planned, there are plenty of snacks in the car, and the music fits the vibe perfectly.

pool party

What summer is complete without going to the pool at least once? Now, this is no time for sitting and tanning, in order to maximize the fun you should be in the pool most of the time playing games like Marco Polo and Mermaids, and also wearing bright colors and goggles!

movie night

Watch all of the quintessential summer fun movies with your friends, from the fun ones like ‘Mama Mia!’ to ones like ‘Call Me By Your Name’. Whatever vibe you are trying to go for lean all the way into it, have a theme with matching food, clothing, blankets, etc.

tie dye

One of the best parts of summer camp as a kid was tie-dye day, getting to make your own shirt, hat, etc; in the color and pattern of your choosing cannot be topped! To make it even more fun do it with some of your friends and make a whole day out of it!

Teagan Wolff is a new member of Her Campus at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and enjoys writing about all things pop culture. Beyond Her Campus Teagan is a Freshman Regional Planning major, and she hopes to work in the community planning field. In Teagan's spare time she enjoys going out to get food with her friends and chatting it up (and chuckling of course). She is also very into music and concerts, her favorite music artists are Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and Lorde and her favorite concert she's been to is The Eras Tour. She's also very into movies, her letterboxd Top 4 are Ladybird, Little Women, Dirty Dancing, and Titanic. She has two pet cats, Max and Ruby, and enjoys spending time with them.