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How to Land, Keep and Lose your job using Social Media

As popular as Social Media has become, many students don’t realize they can utilize social media to jumpstart a career. Instead of using it just for fun and keeping up with friends and family you can market yourself and possibly achieve your dream job. Planning on a career in public relations? You can use social media to promote companies and small businesses.

The first step into using social media is using friends and followers you know. As the old adage goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Network with friends and followers and make sure you let them know what field you’re interested in. Also, make your resume available on all of your social websites. Many websites give you the tools to post links to your resume and more so use it!

LinkedIn is another resource that has become a necessity for college students. The site is like an online portfolio for all of your accomplishments—and of course your resume. By adding your LinkedIn URL to a hard copy of a resume, it lets employers know that you have established yourself as a brand. LinkedIn not only shows employers a resume but also recommendations from co-workers and former employers, awards, and courses you have taken to prep your dream career.

Ok, so you’ve mastered how to get a job using social media but keeping a job by working with social media can be difficult. Since social media is constantly evolving, you have to evolve with it.


Here are some tips:

• If you are skilled in graphics design and layout programs, you have to know how to use newer software. An employer will value those with the ability to stay ahead of the curve, so keep learning new programs!

• Stay connected with professionals on twitter by joining industry chats. Follow those who have achieved status in your dream career. The key here is network, network, network!

Losing a job using social media can be just as easy as gaining one. Clean up your current accounts or make them private. An inappropriate status can cost you your job. Many employers are looking at potential employees’ profiles to learn more about them.

Google yourself! See what potential employers will find about you. If you wouldn’t want your mother to read it, delete it!

Be aware of old tweets and even those seemingly ancient MySpace photos; they may come back to haunt you! Many people create separate accounts—one for personal use and another for professional. If you decide to do this keep in mind that the problem with having two accounts is keeping up with them; it can become a hassle.

Remember; you can have the greatest skills to succeed in a job, but if you have YouTube videos of yourself in a not-so-positive light, don’t count on getting a call back from an employer!

The bottom line is this: if you use social media, use it wisely!

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