How to Have the Best Semester Yet According to Gossip Girl

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Serena Van der Woodson is no stranger to the spotlight. How could she be when she’s constantly appearing on, her every move is being texted to her whole school, and she’s appearing in magazines for all her wild international experiences?

One thing is for sure, Serena always looks flawless. Cell phone in hand, S would definitely rock an MZ Wallace Chelsea Tote to class, across campus, or back to her apartment. It’s perfect for carrying everything from daily essentials to your laptop and notebooks for class. As a bonus, this bag perfectly transforms from a carry all bag to class to an essential bag for nightlife!


Speaking of flawless looks, S and her BFF Blair always look great with minimal effort. Walking the streets of NYC, you have to be prepared for any photo op (or necessary Instagram post). With NYC New York Color City Proof Eyeshadow, it’s easy to fix makeup mishaps and keep up with the spontaneous and unexpected energy of New York (and campus)!

Blair, of course, spending more time getting ready than anyone else, wouldn’t be caught dead without her hair done. A great time-saving secret for her? TRESemme Perfectly (un)Done Wave Creation Sea Foam! It would definitely help her prepare to rock her soft, natural, and effortless waves.

That private school education did pay off for Serena. After college didn’t work out exactly as planned, she used her connections and experiences to land herself a job. Prepare yourself for life after school like S, and pick up something besides a textbook for once! Penguin Random House has some modern, sophisticated, and suspenseful novels like We Were Liars which we know would definitely catch Serena’s eye. We know S did struggle originally with getting where she wanted to be with her job, which is why the #NoCeilings 30-Day Challenge Calendar would definitely be one of her best friends (not to replace B though)! The Full Participation Project is an innovative calendar with activities and daily to-do’s that will help us increase gender equality in the workplace. Sounds like it’d be perfect for Blair too - do you think she’d let anyone stop her at the glass ceiling? Puh-lease! With her determination and connections, she’s headed straight to the top.

While talking about shattering glass ceilings and breaking boundaries, we have to give little Jenny Humphrey credit as well. Little J started off as the shy little darling we all came to know and love, but changed from darling princess to dark princess awfully quick.

One thing we’ll always admire about her was that she was the outsider, the Brooklyn girl that made her way into the Upper East Side, and she was given opportunities we could only dream of. Once she made her way successfully into the fashion industry, we know that she’d be a supporter of She’s the First, a scholarship to help girls in low-income countries in hopes to foster first generation graduates and cultivate the next generation of global leaders. Helping girls achieve their dreams is something we know she’d love!

Who could forget about our gossip guys? Lonely Boy, Nate Archibald, and of course, Chuck Bass. Think those great looks came from eating junk food all the time? No way! Those men are constantly zipping around the streets of NYC and need something quick and healthy - just like all of our collegiettes on campus! A quick stop at Chipotle Mexican Grill for a delicious quick eat, with no added sweeteners, flavors, or colors, and only non-GMO ingredients could get our gossip guys, and you, through a long day (and night) on the town or on campus.

However, everyone does need a little sweetness now and then, which is why Zing Zero Calorie Sweetener is a great addition to your morning coffee! Those late nights out (or in the library) can make mornings awfully rough. Whether you’re having breakfast on the Met steps before class, or picking up some Starbucks on the way to class, that little extra boost will definitely help!


None of our Upper East Siders would be where they are today without the help of their parents. Through opportunities, support, finances, and a helping hand, the Upper East parents definitely need some credit. Rufus, our favorite artist, not only followed his own dreams of opening an art studio, but he helped to cultivate his daughter’s dreams in the fashion industry, will a little help. Mrs. Waldorf helped Little J get from her elementary days of creating with an old sewing machine and small projects to creating fashion that would be sold in one of the biggest markets in the world: New York City. Think you don’t have the creativity to make it like her? Think again. Her Campus decorations and Martha Stewart Crafts are a great way to develop your own customized chic look for your dorm! Ready to move up to fashion? My Social Canvas, which would have been fabulous for Jenny, is an NYC based fashion brand that involves students in creating apparel collections for a cause. Perfect for Jenny! Also, a great opportunity for anyone!

While S and B are maneuvering the streets of NYC and jet-setting around the globe, the Her Campus Back To School Survival Kit definitely has all their go-to essentials, and it has all the essentials you need for a semester at IUP. What’s your favorite thing in the survival kit? Let us know! As for my favorite? That’s a secret I’ll never tell…


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