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How to Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting

Diet; this four letter word has enough power to make us all cringe at the simple thought of it. Merriam-Webster defines a diet as “a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight,” while we tend to define it simply as torture. When we look in the mirror, we tend to focus on our “problem areas” and end up dieting as a way to fix them.

However, all too often we begin these diets complete our goals, and then fall off track, only to pick the diets back up again; this process is called yo-yo dieting. It is a pattern that many of us don’t even notice we’re doing. But no worries; Her Campus IUP is here to help.

When we first decide that we’re going to jump into a new diet, we usually make what we feel is an ideal target. What many of us fail to realize though is that the work does not simply stop when we reach our goal. Eating healthy is something we should all aim to do on a regular basis, not just when we want to lose extra weight to fit into our new little black dresses. We always hear people say that a combination of a healthy, balanced diet and an ample amount of physical activity is all you really need; and that statement is absolutely true.

Yo-yo dieting can cause women to go on an emotional rollercoaster, just as much as they go through physical ups and downs. Look at it this way, when we feel we look good, we feel good about ourselves. It’s just like when we don’t necessarily like what we are seeing in the mirror everyday, we tend to put ourselves down. A key idea when it comes to dieting is being optimistic.


You have to be, there’s absolutely no way around it. Being optimistic about your weight loss can only help you stay focused. Have you ever noticed how healthy, fit people always seem happier? Do yourself that favor! Don’t stress about your goal, just work hard and have fun while doing it.

Staying away from yo-yo dieting may seem like an “easier said than done” idea. We assure you, it is not. Avoiding putting yourself through this hassle is actually just as easy to do as it is to say. When we make major decisions in our lives we usually recruit the help and support of our loved ones so that we have someone to lean on.

Yet, when we make the decision to diet we try to do everything on our own. Well, Her Campus IUP is here to tell you, dieting is another major decision in your life. While sometimes it may not seem like weight loss is that big a deal, it is. Deciding to make changes to our physical appearance is a huge change, so why would you not look to your loved ones for support on this too?

Have you ever told yourself you wanted to lose 20 pounds in two months? Does that sound as crazy to you as it does to us? We hope so! Unfortunately though, to some people this doesn’t sound like a crazy plan. A major factor in yo-yo dieting is the dieter being way too unrealistic with their rate of weight loss. There is absolutely no problem with wanting to lose a certain amount of weight, but rushing the process will do nothing for you in the long run. When you speed the process up and become obsessive in reaching your initial goals, you tend to pack the pounds back on sooner once you end your new regimen.

The moral of the story is this; yo-yo dieting will never work out in your favor. If you decide to take on a new healthy lifestyle, do it all the way. If you decide to cut out all sweets, put that cake and those cookies down. Grab a partner and come up with a workout regimen the two of you can follow. Most of all though just be happy with yourself. You should love the person you see in the mirror everyday regardless of those extra few pounds.


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