Hook-up Etiquette: How to Hookup Like a Pro


When it comes to hooking up, I’m no expert. For me, awkward encounters far outweigh steamy sessions in the sack, but they always say we study history to learn from our mistakes and I have a few lessons that every collegiette can learn from.

“I met him at the bar” is a phrase that many of us have uttered to our friends after returning from the classic early morning walk of shame. And although there is nothing wrong with the occasional one night stand, never underestimate the power of beer goggles.

“My experience has taught me that if you find yourself at all questioning it when you’re drunk, you will definitely regret it in the morning,” said *Kara, an IUP student and self-proclaimed sex-goddess.

It basically boils down to knowing the difference between a guy you may be interested in and a guy that your vodka-water-sours has you interested in. Although it never really works when sober me tells drunk me “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”, using that same motto in terms of guys could mean the difference between hooking up with that quiet mysterious guy from your philosophy class and hooking up with your friend’s sorority sister’s ex-boyfriend who keeps crushing beer cans off his head and calling you “Ashley”.

The next thing to keep in mind when hooking up is not to go over-board on the liquid courage. Although having a few drinks can make you feel more relaxed and give you a confidence boost, taking it too far causes most people to act like complete douche bags, and I can say this with authority because I work in a bar.

Instead of pounding double vodka-cranberry’s down your throat during the fifty-cent wells specials, try sipping on a beer instead. Drinking beer will make you feel fuller and cause you to drink less. If you aren’t much of a beer drinker stick to fruitier brews such as Blue Moon and Shocktop; or see if they have any hard ciders on tap.