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2Saint is a junior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Sports Administration. Growing up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 2Saint began rapping around the age of 13. “That’s when I took it serious”2Saint said. 2Saint thought he was ready for the flashing lights and all of the other perks that came along with the music industry. In his eyes, rapping at a young age was never seen as an obstacle. However as time progressed he noticed that he wasn’t as equipped or developed as he thought he should be. Because of this, he began to listen to other rappers, and learn from their approach. 2Saint didn’t want ordinary rap to sprout and flow from his mouth; but rather meaning, change and impact.

His goal was to have an impact on others with the realness and sincerity of his lyrics. In order to do so, he started learning numerous “techniques” and quickly acknowledged the different approaches that he had to take to travel along the path of success. “I just kept grooming myself and I would freestyle for hours” 2Saint said. While listening to some of his biggest influences: Tupac, Andre 3000 and Biggie Smalls, 2Saint felt motivated. These lyrical giants that came before him gave him a sense of guidance and dedication to his craft. These influences gave him hope in achieving his own success.  

Rapping isn’t the only passion that engulfs 2Saint. He also loves football. Along with hearing his musical skills, you can hear the loud cheers for 2Saint on IUP’s football field. He plays the position of Corner Back, and unfortunately suffered a hamstring injury this season. Being a student, rapper and athlete is indeed a lot of work, but 2Saint has a mantra that helps him stay focused. “Be true to yourself, take care of yourself, never favor things, and if you take it on then take it on equally”.


2Saint believes that if it wasn’t for God, he wouldn’t be the living testimony that he is. “If you have multiple gifts, don’t waste them” 2Saint said. In addition to the support from God, 2Saint is appreciative of the support from the people that have been behind him. He feels that he has more support now than he ever expected. Something that always pushed 2Saint to make the next move or work even harder than the previous day was the negativity people tried capturing him with. Many would tell him he’d never make it or that he could never achieve his goals. Toussaint set himself apart from the negativity and focused, not only on God, but himself as well.

Something that sets 2Saint apart and individualizes him is the image he portrays.  A lot of the time the rappers that we see at the top of the pyramid are portraying something else than what they are in reality. There is nothing misleading about 2Saint; he has an authentic story to tell. He embraces all that he is and what he represents. One of his very own favorite songs “Been through it all” tells a detailed story while incorporating and breaking down his past, his present and his plans for the future.

2Saint has accomplished an abundant amount of things in just a short amount of time. In 2007, he placed first in the BET Freestyle Challenge sponsored by Reese’s. In addition to winning the title, he received a free trip to Atlanta Georgia for the BET Hip Hop Awards. It was an experience of a lifetime and according to 2Saint it was “free everything”.  In 2009 2Saint won the Southwest Florida Fight Klub rap battle and has been the opening act for rappers Rick Ross, Ying Yang Twins, Jadakiss, Freeway, Waka Flocka and DJ Khaled. With all of these accomplishments under his belt, 2Saint seems bound for even greater success. “I want to go where God leads me”.

If you want to hear more of 2Saint’s story, check his music out on www.youtube.com and follow him on Twitter @SaintFasho, and he’ll make a song to your request. 


picture courtesy of Jessica Kae

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