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Her Story: Zahara Farrar

This week’s Campus Celebrity is one of IUP’s many creative success stories.

Zahara Farrar is an aspiring filmmaker and actress, but she is quickly turning her dreams into reality. Zahara has agreed to share her journey with us about how she found her passion and how she accepts her calling in life. 

“I started my freshman year at IUP as an undecided student. I came up with a new idea of what I wanted to be every month, however nothing ever felt right. I imagined myself as a nurse, a therapist, a veterinarian, a police officer, and even a cruise ship singer. The point was I just didn’t know. In my spare time I would spend my time doing artistic things such as making parodies, painting, and more. I might not have known what I wanted my major to be but I did know I loved to entertain people.

My sophomore year was even worse, I had spent a lot of time partying and I had lost sight of my purpose as a student. I went home over winter break and thought about what is was that I really wanted to do, and I realized then that I wanted to entertain. However, when I shared this with my family they weren’t as encouraging as I had hoped. I felt really down and then I finally decided to take time off to figure things out, or mainly because I was feeling insecure.

During this time I had so much time on my hands, I got a camera and I began creating short documentaries. I realized that I had a fascination with filmmaking. I was able to create a full length independent film with my friends. After this accomplishment I felt better about myself and I was able to return back to school with a sense of clarity and drive.

My advice to all freshmen is to never waste your time worrying about what major can make you money, or what your parents want you to do, but always follow your inner voice as you aspire to reach your goals.”

Zahara’s film, Undiscovered,  is in the final stages of post production and is set to be released online in June.  

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