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Halloween Couple Costumes

Halloween is quickly approaching and Her Campus is here to help you and your significant other avoid resorting to a cheesy plug and socket costume or overdone nurse and doctor. We want to make sure that  you and your beau wear an original, witty costume that will stand out in the sea of cliché costumes like cats, devils, bunnies, and witches that we’ve all seen a million times.

Thunder and Lightning

This costume is super unique and easy to make. All you need is a some yellow posterboard/cardboard, an old t-shirt which you can have fun destroying any way you please, and fun props like sunglasses and an umbrella. It’s different and simplistic and a major plus is the fact you don’t have to have a good hair day to pull off this look.

The Great Gatsby

You and your man will both look amazing in this ensemble. It’s classy, refined, and perfect for this Halloween. For Gatbsy, your guy will need a tux or pant suit and bonus points for having his hair slicked back, a bow tie, and empty martini glass. For the flapper costume, you’ll need a sparkly or fringed flapper dress, a feather hair accessory, and pearls of course! Bonus points- add a fancy old-school cigarette holder!

Curious George

This super cute costume is easy to make and inexpensive. For the monkey, you’ll just need a brown shirt and leggings/pants and you can make your own ears with brown felt and a headband. For the yellow costume have your guy wear a yellow t-shirt or button up paired with a yellow tie (you can add black pom-pom balls). You can use either yellow pants or khakis and make a yellow hat by adding yellow duct tape or paint to an old hat.

Where’s Waldo and Carmen Sandiego

It only makes sense that two of the most elusive characters of all time are paired together in this costume duo. For the Waldo costume, you’ll just need a white or red long-sleeved shirt and duct tape in the opposite color to add the stripes. You can add white fabric to a red beanie for the hat. For Carmen you’ll  need a red jacket, red hat with black lace or ribbon around the top, and a pair of black gloves.

Jack and Jill… After the Hill

There is nothing like a nursery rhyme gone wrong! This epic costume only requires a short sleeved, destroyed dress, apron, white socks, and– of course– a water pail. Jack’s costume will entail a button up shirt, paired with khakis and suspenders (destroyed). Bonus points- add bandages and a hand brace!

Deer and Hunter

This costume is not only super cute, it’s also easy and cheap to make. Have your hunter wear plaid/flannel or a camo/bright orange hunting vest paired with suspenders, jeans, and a camo hat. As a dear, you can wear a brown shirt and pants paired with reindeer ears!

Boyscout and S’mores

For this original, unique costume you’ll need a white t-shirt, brown belt, and two pieces of cardboard for the s’more. Add a beige button up with a badge or two paired with a roasting stick. Simple and adorable!

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