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I am more excited for Olivia Rodrigo’s new tour than I should be. The GUTS album is (IMO) better than Sour! Her grungy sound and incredibly catchy lyrics make me so happy and I can’t help but sing (or scream) and dance along.

THe Breeders

Check out The Breeders as the Special Guest only for the New York City dates! The 90s alt-rock band; founded by Pixies bassist, Kim Deal, is making a comeback with a new tour and the dates with Olivia!

Start here to get to know their music and see The Breeders with Olivia April 5 – 9!

chappell roan

The 1st Leg of the US Tour features Chappell Roan. Chappell’s music is described as ‘dark pop’ but is filled with the dichotomy of catchy retro-feeling hooks and soul-wrenching ballads. Her performances are high-energy (my TikTok feed is filled with clips from her shows at this point). See Chappell February 23 – April 2

Get to know Chappell’s music (and maybe learn the HOT TO GO! dance!!) to have an energetic bop-filled night! Check out these songs to get you started!


The 2nd leg of the US Tour features PinkPantheress! The alt-pop singer/songwriter’s music often features samples of 90s and 2000s songs. See PINKPANTHERESS July 19 – August 17

Get to know PinkPantheress so you can make the most of the night with her and Olivia!

remi wolf

Remi Wolf is the Special Guest for Olivia’s international dates! Her music is a mix of soul and pop and she’s said to have a killer liver performance up her sleeve. See Remi Wolf April 30 – June 22

Check out Remi’s music (even if you aren’t lucky enough to see an international date)!

Brittney Smith is a member at the Her Campus IUP Chapter. She is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, majoring in anthropology. In her free time, she enjoys quoting 2000s movies and listening to her music too loud. 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up.