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Friends for a Reason, Friends for a Season

We start making friends as young as preschool, but how many of them do actually last? I know growing up in elementary school I had a ton of friends, and as I went through middle and high school, some of those friendships kind of faded away. Today, I only have one friend that I have been best friends with for eight-plus years, and we had our ups and downs; in fact, there was a point and time where we did not talk for almost a whole year. As months went by we put our differences aside and started to talk again, and it feels rewarding. Despite this rewarding feeling, I have another friend back at home that I swear is more than my best friend, he is my soulmate. We do not see each other every day, and even go a week without talking; however, I know if I need him he is always there no matter what. Whenever I start to miss him, like this point and time right now, I think about all of the wonderful times we have been through, as well as the hardships. This is one friendship that I know will last a lifetime. 

Most mornings I got a text saying, “hey bestie, wanna go get Dunkin’?” or “hey bestie, wanna run to Target?” Every time we hang out together we always go to Target, it is our favorite place to go, even if we do not buy anything. Even if we did not go anywhere, just hanging out is always the best, because we fit each other’s sense of humor and always make each other laugh. When I did online school back at home during COVID, it was easy to pick up and go hang out. Now that I am in college 55 minutes away, it is quite different. We went from “let’s go hang out,” to “hey I miss you, when are you coming home?” It is hard not talking, texting, or Snapchatting throughout the day when that’s all we would do a year ago. Ever since I moved up to college it has been a struggle from going every day talking to someone, to only talking once or twice a week. Also, with our different class schedules, as well as work schedules, it makes it harder to FaceTime for more than five minutes without having to hang up to go to work or to go do homework.

He has always been the only friend who has been there for me through every hardship I have ever faced in my life. We know when each of us needs our space at given times, depending on our moods and personality. We just click with each other. On the other hand, the one friend I mentioned at the beginning that I have known for eight years, we do talk a lot, but this does not reflect on what a true friendship actually is. In life you know when you have found your “for lifer,” and I am 100% sure I have found mine. All in all, a true friendship is not who you have known the longest, it is about who has been there for you and has proved it. That is exactly what he has done.

Hi my name is Emily! I am a sophomore at IUP this year studying early childhood and special education. I love coffee, Target runs, and watching Grey's Anatomy!
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