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Formal season is upon us and so many people are looking for dresses. Here are just a couple ideas in three different price ranges: Cheap (below $50), Middle ($50-80ish), and Expensive (over $100). All of the prices listed in the article were taken from the date written and could potentially change by the time of publication.

Floral dress

If you are looking for a classic and springy dress, then a floral dress could be the perfect option for you! These kinds of dresses have lots of different options, ranging from very bright and bold to more simple and subdued.

Starting with the inexpensive option, the Tillys floral dress is only $32 on sale and is perfect with its simple silhouette and neutral tone floral pattern.

The Altar’d State floral slip dress is $80 and is a slip dress fit. It’s light purple with cream colored roses, a great option if you are looking for pastel and easter colors with a more realistic print.

There were several options for the expensive dresses; the Free People pink dress is the most expensive at $108. It has a high neck and a more bohemian silhouette combined with a brighter pink and simple flower illustrations. The other Free People floral dress has a much more interesting silhouette with mixed fabrics, and this dress is available in multiple different color ways and patterns. Finally, the Lulu’s dress has a more formal feel compared to the other two dresses. It has a slit and a cowl neck, and the floral pattern is much more subtle than the other options.

slip dress

The slip dress is one of the simplest and most timeless dress options. It can either be dressed up or down, and it can definitely be used for many times for different occasions.

The least expensive slip dress was from Altar’d State. It’s a light purple, midi-length dress with a cowl neck, and is only $32 on sale. There are also pink and blue options at other price points, but there are less size options for these. Tillys also has a simple black slip with a rosette in the center, and it is on sale for $38.

Tunnel Vision has two options for a medium price slip dress in both red and black. These are $54 and have a very 90’s look to them. There are limited sizes available, but they are a great unique option!

Anthropologie has two great but, more expensive, options. A shiny slip dress that is $178, which comes in black and cream and has a simple silhouette. The same silhouette dress is available here for $168, and it comes in a multitude of colors

shiny and sequiny dress

If you are looking for something more bold, then a shiny sequin dress might be the perfect fit for you!

Less expensive options for dresses like these are hard to find, but Francesca’s and Tillys both have shorter dresses that are below $30. These might not be the right fit for a formal necessarily, but they are great options to wear later in the night, or just any other time!

Nordstrom has a similar dress to the last two. It’s a simple mini sequin dress, but this one is available in more colors and sizes. The prices for these depend on the color you choose, but the most expensive one is $60. Another middle of the road price option is from Free People at $70. This is also a mini dress, and comes in pink and black, but it has a more interesting shape.

The more expensive option of these is the Gianni Bini at $219. This dress has a very unique shape and fabric which is not for everyone. But if you want something more out there, then this will be perfect for you!

Teagan Wolff is a new member of Her Campus at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and enjoys writing about all things pop culture. Beyond Her Campus Teagan is a Freshman Regional Planning major, and she hopes to work in the community planning field. In Teagan's spare time she enjoys going out to get food with her friends and chatting it up (and chuckling of course). She is also very into music and concerts, her favorite music artists are Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and Lorde and her favorite concert she's been to is The Eras Tour. She's also very into movies, her letterboxd Top 4 are Ladybird, Little Women, Dirty Dancing, and Titanic. She has two pet cats, Max and Ruby, and enjoys spending time with them.