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One of my favorite new pastimes I’ve gotten into this year is listening to podcasts. Podcasts are digital audios that are made in episode forms for listeners to choose from. Podcasts have been becoming quite huge in recent years and serve many purposes. Here are a few reasons why you should start listening to podcasts today.

1. They are great to listen to when you are multitasking. (Photo by iTunes)

You can listen to podcasts while at the gym, doing homework or walking to class because all you have to do is listen to them. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to certain things, like Netflix, and do homework at the same time because you have to listen and watch at the same time, but podcasts you only have to listen to them.

2. There are podcasts for everyone. (Photo by Kelsey Jones)

There are many different types of genres of podcasts out there, such as comedy, mystery, life, fitness and so much more. You can find podcasts on just about anything. The options are available for everyone. If you don’t find one that is right for you, you can even consider starting your own.

3. They are free. (Photo by Jamie Lee)

If you’re a person with an iPhone, the Podcast app comes with phone so all you have to do is click on the app and find the podcast you are looking for. If you have an Android, you can download podcast listening apps for free.


4. They are great to listen to when traveling.

(Photo by Jean)

A lot of people like to travel, but car and airplane rides can become long and boring. This is a great opportunity to listen to that podcast you’ve been wanting to listen to for a while since it might be a few hours until you get to your destination.

5. You can learn something from them. (Photo by Rick Broida)

Unlike music, podcasts can help us teach us about certain topics or more about ourselves because people are talking about topics we relate to. While music is great to listen to, podcasts can have more value to them, especially if you want to gain more knowledge on something.


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I am a junior at IUP who hopes to one day major either in Public Relations or Political Science with an obsession with music.
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