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Fall Vibes: Songs You Definitely Need In Your Fall Playlist

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Summer is over, and Autumn has arrived! Your clothes change from thin to thick, and you start wearing flannels. The green leaves are red, orange, and brown. Holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming soon. Everybody stays inside because of the cold weather. You want to read your favorite book and eat some pumpkin flavor snacks, but something is missing. Music! I like listening to music because it communicates my emotions and mood. I feel like some songs have a seasonal vibe to them. For example, Katy Perry’s California Gurls has a summer vibe. The lyrics, sound, and music video reminds me of summer. When I hear this song in October or November, it feels out of place. 

I wanted a make playlist for the fall season, so here are some songs that have a autumn vibe:

  • Sweater Weather-The Neighborhood
  • All Too Well-Taylor Swift
  • Autumn Leaves-Ed Sheeran 
  • Blue Jeans-Lana Del Rey
  • We Fell In Love In October- Girl In Red
  • Ophelia-The Lumineers
  • The Night We Met-Lord Huron
  • Savior Complex-Phoebe Bridgers
  • 1980s Horror Film-Wallows
  • Someone New-Hozier
  • Come Back…Be Here-Taylor Swift
  • Found Love-We The Lion
  • This Is Home-Cavetown
  • All Of Me Wants All Of You-Sufjan Stevens
  • Home-Hollow- Coves
  • Skinny Love- Bon Iver
  • Alaska-Maggie Rogers
  • Sweet Creature-Harry Styles
  • Begin Again-Taylor Swift
  • In My Life-The Beatles
  • I Know The End-Phoebe Bridgers
  • Like Real People Do-Hozier
  • Drunk On Halloween-Wallows
  • Us-Regina Spektor
  • Before You Start Your Day-Twenty One Pilots
  • The A Team-Ed Sheeran
  • Forests-Tom Rosenthal
  • Run-Daughter
  • Cough Syrup-Young the Giant
  • My Eyes-The Lumineers
  • Literature Lovers-Jose Vanders
  • Intertwined-Dodie
  • Cornelia Street-Taylor Swift
Sarabeth Smalich is a nineteen-year-old freshmen at the IUP Her Campus. She studies Graphic Design & Illustration at Indiana University of Pennsylvania College of Arts and Humanities. Fun Facts about Sarabeth: Her star sign is Aries. Sarabeth's personal interests are Art, Fashion, True Crime, Asian Culture, Makeup, Music, Film, Social Causes, Travel, and Cooking. Blue is Sarabeth's favorite color. Bio Updated On: 10/17/23