Exploring IUP: Blue Spruce Park

During my two years here on campus, I often hear the same things over and over again such as “there’s nothing to do around here,” “I’m always so bored,” and/or “I wish I was 21 so I could go to the bars.” It makes me wonder if these people know about the different parks that Indiana has to offer, the multitude of restaurants that are scattered around town, or the walking trails that we have access to. In case you’re one of the people that complain about not having anything to do, you should check out Blue Spruce Park. Or, if you’re not one of those people but you’re looking for something to do on a sunny day, this park might be your new favorite place to visit.

A short 15 minute car ride is all it takes to get there. Blue Spruce park is a 650 acre park that’s only 8 miles away from campus. There’s a beautiful lake that sits in the center of the park that anyone can cast their fishing rod into, and 5 miles worth of walking paths available if you’re feeling adventurous. A playground is available for the little kiddos, but if you’re like me, you may find yourself attempting to cross the monkey bars and climbing the rock wall. There are public bathroom’s available so don’t worry! You won’t have to pop a squat in the woods. There are also loads of picnic tables around if you want to get some homework done or sit down to eat. 

I adore coming here with friends to take pictures when the weather starts to warm up.  Sometimes we will walk around the perimeter to get some fresh air and avoid the crowded gym on campus (okay, that last part was I lie. I rarely exercise). Blue spruce is my all time favorite place in Indiana to visit when I need to get away for some time and enjoy what nature has to offer. I discovered the park last November, and have been visiting it every month or so until the weather gets too unbearable. Now that Spring is here I hope to do my homework here more often and pack a lunch with my friends.  If you’re interested in more information, here is the park’s website. I hope you take the time the time to stop by and enjoy everything that the park has available!