Dear Victoria's Secret

I am disappointed to say the least, as are million of others all across the world. If you haven’t already heard, during an interview with Vogue, Ed Razek, the chief marketing officer of Victoria’s Secret's parent company made several statements about why they will not include transgender or plus-sized women in their show. He described the show as a "fantasy" insinuating that people who don't fit a certain size or are transgender can't be a part of that "fantasy". 

My first reaction is to wonder how this happening again to another brand that refuses to learn from the past. Perhaps Razek was away on vacation and missed the incredible amount of backlash that Abercrombie and Fitch faced just a few years ago when their CEO said that they don’t cater their clothing to plus-sized people. He was also quoted saying in a 2006 interview with Salon, “A lot of people don't belong [in our clothes], and they can't belong. Are we exclusionary? Absolutely.”

I’m not sure what is so exclusive about over-priced clothing that is stuck in the past and focuses on dated trends and styles— but I am certain that any company with a concern for successful marketing was tuning into the train wreck and took it as an example of exactly what not to do.

Victoria's Secret telling young girls and women that the way they are is not good enough is not okay.

Any company that robs people of their confidence for who they are or what they look like will not stand a chance. We are far too progressive and have worked way too hard to promote inclusion and body positivity to take this giant step backwards. Supporting brands that make a point to exclude people and make them feel unworthy is showing that you don't care about that companies values and what they stand for, especially when there are so many other great companies doing so much good. 

So, you might be wondering, where can you find decent bras and underwear now that Victoria’s Secret has shown their true colors. For your convenience, I have included a list of other brands that are just as good if not better:

  • Aerie
  • TJ Maxx
  • ThirdLove
  • Adore me
  • Target
  • Calvin Klein

It's time for things to change and it's time for men in positions of power at large companies to stop making women feel like they need to look or be different. 

In the words of Ariana Grande, thank you, next.