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Hi, everyone! With this article, I’ll be sharing a poem I wrote over the summer. I thought that, because of its darker feel, it may be relatable for some of you since the start of the semester is always rather stressful and overwhelming. I have many lighter, softer poems, but figured the onset of the cold, September air (at least that of Western PA) would pair nicely with the other reason listed above for why I chose to share this article. I hope you enjoy! 


The tree is full one moment 

Bare it is the next. 

Alive; Interact; Member

Of it all until

Falling; fallen in a sec-.

Dead, mute, separate.

The moments are explained as

Seasons; natural

And predictable enough.

Routine. Seen. But of the sec-?

What are the seconds

That we have to consciously 

stop, squint, and speak to 

know of their place in between?

The happenings that are kept 

Close to the tree and the ground.

Never to be voiced

When in the open, cold air.

The point of change, of turning

Rushed by our keen ignoring. 

Not to concern one!

Life follows death; Soon again

Member, Alive, so

Interact! Cause of one’s leave

Is not of interest to

The tree and forest, full now. 

Thanks for reading!

Sarah Miller

I’m Sarah Miller, a sophomore at Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a major in Speech and Language Pathology. I’m going on my third semester as a Her Campus member. I joined my fall semester of my freshman year because I was in need of a women’s group and figured what better than one dedicated to connection and unity as much as this one! I’ve enjoyed interacting with women all over this country’s campuses. This magazine has kept me in tune with the interests, dilemmas, and goals of my generation— a sense of connection I’ve loved having and will continue to experience for the remainder of my time at IUP. Writing has long been a passion of mine. I see so much value in written words, especially because I’ve learned from every article I’ve read on this website. I hope that by the time I conclude my time at IUP, I will have contributed to the sense of unity and empowerment fostered through our posts to this magazine. I’m thankful to be part of this experience and look forward to striving for my goal through my publications.