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Body Image: Embrace your figure!

It comes as no surprise that the media can influence our appearance. From fashion tips in magazines to watching commercials on TV about losing weight, the media always has a say in how we should look.

Do you agree? How can you not?!

The media does a d*mn good job at portraying how a woman should look. From her hair, to her make-up, to that perfectly glowing skin and hot body, it may become harder to look at your body and think that you’re just as beautiful as that model or actress on the cover of a magazine.

When looking at a magazine it is normal to feel discouraged. I definitely do. Then I remember, the majority of the women on magazine covers are airbrushed and realistically do not look this perfect on a regular basis.
Britney Spears refused to airbrush her photos for her Candie’s advertisement. According to Marie Claire magazine, Spears wanted girls to know she has imperfections and embraces them. You rock Britney! 

Did you know that the average woman wears a size 12 to 14? According to an article from The New York Times, an average woman weighs 144 pounds.

America’s Next Top Model cycle 10 winner, Whitney Thompson, is not only a successful model, she is also a size 10! She knows how to use her body to her advantage.  Learn what works for you; curves are sexy!
What the media does not tell readers is that 98 percent of fashion models are thinner than the average woman ultimately making it nearly impossible to achieve that wanted image. Does that statistic change the way you feel about yourself? It should.

Models are paid to be thin. If they do not maintain that “perfect” figure the modeling industry thinks is “beautiful” that model may be out of a job. This does not have to be your lifestyle. You are not being paid to become a model, so why not focus on being healthy?

 If every girl in the world looked like 98 percent of the fashion models, there would be no diversity. No uniqueness. No desire to want to be different.

You are beautiful. Whether you are a size 2 or a size 14, you are beautiful.


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