Ariana Grande's Album "thank u, next" Rated Best to Worst

Ariana Grande released her new album, "thank u, next" and inevitably it had a few bops and a few flops. This is my rating of the album from best to worst! That being said, these are my opinions only and I encourage you to check them out for yourselves!

1. & 2. 7 rings and thank u, next

It is very, very hard for me to chose between the two best songs of this album. "Thank u, next" gave us the iconic nostalgia of Mean Girls from the music video and 7 rings is quite simply just the song that I didn't know I needed, a confidence boost, if you will.

3. Needy 

Basically, this is just a song about Ariana talking about how she can be needy--which is a relatable topic for all of us.

4. Ghostin

The slow song of that album that can really get you in your feels. It's obvious a lot of thought went into this song and, therefore, it is one of the best.

5. Break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored

Not loving the message here, Ariana. However, I will say this song is an absolute bop and has been stuck in my head for a week. So for that reason only, it is in my top 5. 

6. In my head

"gucci tennis shoes running from your issues" is an actual lyric in this song and that is a big mood. Not to mention I've tried several time to belt out "BUT IT'S ALL IN MY HEADDDDD" and tragically sounded nothing like her...shocker. 

7. Bloodline 

Another total bop that has a way of making you feel way cooler than you actually are. Listen to this with headphones in and you will undoubtably walk with a strut in your step.

8. Fake smile

Basically just a song about not wanting to fake smile. Try working in retail, Ariana. That's full of fake smiles and it is the absolute worst. 


I could imagine this song in a spin class getting a bunch of people hyped up. It's sort of just a mindless song that has a good beat. I don't hate it. 

10. Imagine

Not the best, not the worst. 

11. Bad idea

She's got a bad idea, if you didn't know. This is a classic filler song to finish an album, I will say the vocals were on point as usual. 

12. Make up

The mashed background music of this song made me physically dizzy. For that reason, it's a no from me.