Amy Marsella, President of History Club

This week’s celebrity is Amy Maserella. Amy is a senior with a double major in History and Anthropology, hoping to eventually find a job in Phoenix, Arizona. Her dream job is to work as a curator in a museum. You would think that having two majors would make a person crazy, but Amy doesn’t think so. On top of the numerous of classes she has to take, she is also the president of the History Club and the secretary/treasurer of Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honors Society. When asked why she took on so many tasks seeing as she had a double major, her response was that she loved history and anthropology and "if there was an opportunity to continue to broaden my experience in the field then so be it, I will take on the challenge!"

This is evident with her volunteer work at the Indiana Historical Society here in Indiana, PA, and in her hometown Allentown, PA.“This is my dream job, so when I heard that there was something out there that can enhance my skills, I took the job and I couldn’t be any happier.” She encourages everyone to follow their dreams and is always willing to push people to do their best. “I want people to be happy and succeed and you can’t do either if you are stuck in the same comfortable spot. In order for one to be where they would love to be, they need to learn that they have to be uncomfortable to be get there.”