8 Life Lessons from Gilmore Girls

Recently Netflix has given us back the best ‘00s show in existence. That’s right, Gilmore Girls is back, in its entirety, for your viewing pleasure. After binge-watching the entire series in the span of a month, I decided to bring it back and remind you of all the awesome and important life lessons learned from Loreali and Rory’s adventures through life in Stars Hollow.

1. We all have to deal with things we don’t like sometimes. Mondays, Homework, and Traffic are all things that we don't like, but they are minor necessary evils we all have to deal with. 


2. Sometimes we blow things way out of proportion. Usually the outcomes we imagine in our head are far worse than reality. Sometimes things are just coincidences and have no relation to one another. You probably aren't being punished for something you did. 


3. You need to live your life for you, not other people. Do what makes you happy. Live your life in a way that you will look back on and be proud of. Don't live your life to impress someone else. 


4. It’s better to go through life with a sense of humor. While there is a time and place for seriousness, life should be fun and ridiculous sometimes. If you're having fun and being silly, chances are that the people around you will be having fun too.

5. It’s okay to not have a ‘5 year plan'. Some people absolutely love to plan. I definitely do not. It's okay to not know exactly what you are going to be doing in five years, and it's even okay if you change your plans once or twice (or as much as you want), as long as you are happy. 

6. You have to accept that you won't always get what you want. Life happens, and sometimes you get jealous of what other people have, whether it be a new phone, a new boyfriend, or anything. It really does suck because you want whatever they have, and you can even feel incomplete or depressed because you don't have it. I promise you aren't incomplete, you're still awesome and things will work out how they're supposed to. Don't let wanting something make you feel bad!

7. Sometimes your family will be harsh... and it will suck. 

8. ...but they're harsh because they want what's best for you. Your family is always on your side.