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6 Ways Your Cell Phone is Telling You to Get It Together

Your cell phone says a lot about who you are. For starters, you’re either an Android person or an iPhone person. Not only does the brand of phone you have determine the kind of person you are, but the phone case, background picture, color, and even the way you hold your phone can say a lot about who you are. 

If you’re anything like me, you can probably relate to a few of the following.  If so, it might be time to take a few small steps and get your life together. 

1. Your phone battery is never above 50%.

It doesn’t matter where you are, what you’re doing, or whom you’re with. Your phone is always dead. You could wake up in the morning, check Twitter during breakfast, play some music on the way to class, and arrive there with 65%. And let me guess, most of the time, you don’t carry a charger with you, or you left it at home. By the time you decide to plug your phone in it’s probably on 1%. If this is you, keep a charger in your car or your purse at all times so you don’t have to scheme around looking for someone’s charger to borrow temporarily.

2. You have a red notification dots everywhere.

If you have red notification updates on your mail app, that’s normal. But if you have red notification updates on Picstitch or Game Center… c’mon. No excuses can be made for not updating your applications when your phone is capable of updating them for you! If your phone isn’t automatically updating them, then your phone isn’t updated. So get it together, and do it.  These automatic updates make your phone work better for you!

3. You have a million messages on your phone.

If you have messages on your phone from August 2013, just take an extra five minutes out of your day to delete them. You don't need to remember what your coworker said about switching shifts with you several years ago. It’s a waste of valuable storage. Keep the messages from the people you most frequently talk to and get rid of the rest. It’ll not only relieve you mentally, but it’ll also allow for more space on your phone.

4. You have numbers in your text thread that aren’t saved.

Do you ever lay in bed at 1:00 AM and reread old texts? Do you ever stumble upon unsaved numbers and can’t even remember who the person is based off the context of your conversation? If you don't take time to save their number when they first text you, they’re obviously not that important.  Either delete the conversation or save the number, so you know if it’s the crazy person you haven't talked to in several years who wants to wish you a "Happy Memorial Day!! <3"

5. You get texts from your data network once a month.

We all know running out of data is a scary, scary thing. Getting that ATT text that says, “More than 90% of your shared data has been used” is like a bad nightmare you can’t wake up from. If you never have wifi on your phone, start connecting when you can! Sure, it might take longer than a second to load your Instagram newsfeed, but it’ll save your phone battery! And it’ll probably save you are your parents' relationship because they won’t have to yell at you for using all the family data.

6. You don’t have a case on your phone.

If you don’t have a case on your phone, this is a death wish. You are literally asking for it to get wrecked- it doesn't matter how careful you are! If you can relate to any of the previous things mentioned, a phone case is a good first step in getting your life together. So first and foremost, put a case on your phone before you shatter it to a million pieces. For all of you who have shattered your phone and still refuse to put a case on it because “it’s already broken” there is no saving you. Just save yourself all the hurt and pain you’ll go through and put a case on your next one! 


My name is Mary Romeo, and I'm a junior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania majoring in communications media, and minoring in journalism. I have a passion for reading and writing. Not only do I contribute to HerCampus but I am also the lead writer for the school newspaper, The Penn. I also write and perform my own segments on the IUP-TV show, Witticism, where I give my best (sarcastic) advice to those in need. You may also see as an anchor for the IUP NewsCenter. I hope to one day write and possibly make a 30 second appearance in film or television.
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