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There is a lot of pressure while your in college to have a “wild spring break”. It almost seems like a necessity. It usually involves somewhere warm with lots of other spring breakers. This is obviously a fun choice and a great way to make memories, but there are lots of other options. Whether you’re trying to stay on a budget, in your healing girl era, in need of some relaxation, or just not a spring breaker, there are still ways to have fun and recuperate before diving back into the semester.

Meet up with friends

Whether they are hometown besties, someone you haven’t seen in awhile, or just your roomie that you see everyday. This is a perfect time to hang out and spend some quality time without the pressure of school. You could go on a shopping spree, get brunch, have a picnic (weather permitting), or just watch some TV. Anything that you guys enjoy doing together. Make plans ahead of time! Otherwise before you know it, you’re already heading back to school and you didn’t do any of the plans you talked about. 

Self care day

Light a candle and take a bath. Use that expensive face mask you never have time for. Do a teeth whitening treatment. Full body shave. Self tanner. Get your nails or hair done. Go for a hot girl walk. Do something for yourself that you’ll thank yourself later for. I like to do things that I wouldn’t normally have time for, like take a bath and do my nails. I also like to set appointments for myself when I come home, like getting my hair done at my favorite salon. Come back to campus looking and feeling fresh.

Get ahead (or caught up) on homework

Talking about doing something for yourself that future-you will thank you for, getting some homework done on break is never a bad idea. (Especially if you need to catch up!) It may seem boring or counterproductive if you’re trying to relax, but really what’s more relaxing? Doing a little homework now when there isn’t too much else going on, or trying to get it done while also going to classes, meetings, clubs, wanting to go out etc. I think we all know the answer. I’ll be reading the Odyssey this break because I’d much rather have it done, than cry over it when I get back and am swamped. You can even make it aesthetic if you need to by studying outside or at your favorite coffee shop!

Take a day trip into your local city

It can be fun to take day trips with a friend, sibling, or solo. You can head into the city, do some shopping, grab dinner and head home. This is a nice cost effective option because day trips don’t include hotels, which can be pricey. My sister and I are planning a trip to Cleveland and our itinerary is going something like, 27 club coffee, two of our favorite plant stores, some thrifting, dinner at Barrios and back home. Look online and see if there are any exhibits, games or concerts in the cities near you, you never know what you might find!

Work towards a goal

What is your goal right now? Lining up a summer job or internship? Spend some time researching and applying to places. Get into your fit girl era? Hit the gym, do some yoga or go on a walk. Whatever your goals may be right now, spring break is a great time to put in a little work towards that goal. You’ll feel good knowing that you are taking the time to actively work towards that goal and it won’t take away time from your usual school responsibilities.

Take yourself on a date

There is the new growing trend of taking yourself on dates. I think it’s a super important trend to hop on! Not only does it allow you some time to relax your mind and just be with yourself, but it also is a way to do fun things. Is there a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try? A new store you want to check out? You really just want to spend some time in nature? Or you want to go somewhere like Lake Erie, but everyone is saying it’s too cold right now? This is the perfect time to treat yourself and go! Why wait for other people and their schedules to line up with yours? If you want to do something and don’t have someone to go with, go with yourself! 

Grace Fette is a chapter leader at the HerCampus at IUP chapter. She loves to write lists, zodiac posts, and personal experiences. Grace is a Junior at IUP. She's an English Writing studies major with Women and Gender studies and Communications media minors. She is president of Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Xi Xi chapter and her work has been published a number of times. She loves to hang out with friends and her sister, hike, and read poetry. She is always up for coffee, cute breakfast places, and concerts of any kind!