6 Things I learned Watching Gilmore Girls


Three generations of witty, headstrong women, a town full of eccentric personalities, and heart wrenching romances.  What’s not to love about the 2000’s TV hit Gilmore Girls?


For those of you who have never been so blessed as to have seen an episode, Gilmore Girls follows the life of bookworm Rory Gilmore and her single mother, Lorelai, who self-exiled herself from her well-to-do family after she had Rory as a teenager.  The close-knit relationship she shares with Rory is polar opposite of the one she has with her own mother.  As Rory grows up, both she and Lorelai experience their share of romance, both good and bad, and become the outstanding women they are at the end of the series.  Gilmore Girls portrays the real life experiences we all have through a lens of sarcasm, humor, and love.


1. Love Your Mom

The relationship that Rory and Lorelai have with one another is rare among mother-daughter relationships.  We all go through rough patches in our relationships with our moms.  Rory and Lorelai overcome many of these hard times by always being open and honest with each other.  If one doesn’t like a decision the other has made, she does not hide her opinion.  Although this sometimes results in more conflict, the strong communication that the two have is the biggest reason that they are able to understand and depend on each other in every situation.    


2. Follow Your Heart

Throughout the series, both Rory and Lorelai are forced to make some tough decisions.  Should Rory meddle in her ex’s new marriage?  Should Lorelai date Rory’s high school teacher?  Should Lorelai date one of her best friends?  The decisions that each woman makes directly affect her development as a person.  Gilmore Girls has taught me that no decision can ever be wrong if it feels right in your heart.  Everything happens for a reason and, at least on TV, concludes with a happy ending.