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Buy yourself flowers

Flowers bring you joy, can help fight depression, and are in the home of every romantic comedy lead.

Dance in the Rain

Spring brings a lot of rain which can make it feel like you are stuck inside. Don’t let the gloomy days get you down, dance in the rain, make some memories to tell your grandchildren some day.

Curate a PLaylist

Every romance movie has a killer soundtrack, curate your own to play throughout your day. You’d be surprised how the right playlist can make even the most mundane tasks feel better.

Journal about your day

Writing down what happened and how you feel about it all is incredibly therapeutic.

cook something

It doesn’t need to be good- cook a meal, bake some cookies, boil water, take your mind off of school and think about nourishing yourself.

Brittney Smith is a member at the Her Campus IUP Chapter. She is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, majoring in anthropology. In her free time, she enjoys quoting 2000s movies and listening to her music too loud. 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up.