5 Ways to be More Sustainable

Within the current administration, a lot of environmental regulations have been rolled back in favor of big business. People have been so concerned with making money that we have let the environment go. Scientists have predicted that by 2040, the damage to our world will be irreversible. By 2050, we will see a lot of famine and drought hit the world. This is in our lifetime, but we can definitely do something about it. Here are 5 ways to be more sustainable in your daily life.

1. Buy from sustainable brands

(Photo by Lauren Fleischmann)

Good sustainable brands will have information on their websites about carbon emissions and not wasting fabric. Though it is often more expensive, you are getting a better quality product that will last longer than products in the fast fashion industry. There is an awesome app called Good On You where you can look up different brands and types of clothing that are sustainable. You can even check the brands that you already like and how sustainable they are.

2. Go to thrift stores

(Photo by Prudence Earl)

As a college student, I know that looking at the higher prices can make me cringe a little. While maybe saving up for a nice piece, you can go to your local thrift store and find some awesome pieces for cheap. It’s a way to save money and not contribute to brands that aren’t sustainable because they’re not getting your money.

3. Try going vegan or vegetarian

(Photo by Anna Pelzer)

I know that meat is something so ingrained in the American diet that people have very strong opinions about. However, making all of our animal byproducts causes the most damage to our environment so cutting those out can make a huge difference. That is, if you’re able and willing to do so.

4. Use a reusable bag when you go shopping

(Photo by Slyvie Tittel)

It’s an easy switch to make and often, grocery stores sell them at the end of their checkout lines. It’s a simple act that saves a lot of plastic bags. You can even use backpacks or drawstrings depending on how much stuff you’re getting.

5. Reusable water bottle

(Photo by Domenico Loia)

Probably the easiest thing you could do is switch to a reusable water bottle. A lot of colleges often have specific water bottle spouts at the water fountains so you can refill your bottle. They’re cheap and everywhere. It doesn’t even have to be a bottle. A lot of people like to use the plastic cups with the screw on lids and the straws. Whatever you prefer.


Some are obviously slightly harder and take more work than others, but they all help tremendously in the long run. All of this stuff builds up over time and that’s how we go tot this point. So why not help reduce it a little?