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5 Tips & Tricks for Dorm Living

Adjusting to dorm life can be hard. Here are some tips and tricks to make yourself feel more comfortable and at home in your dorm!

Use a Coffee Maker to Cook Pasta

If you are like me, pasta is an essential part of your diet. I found a simple hack to make pasta prior to moving into college that I use all the time now: cooking pasta in the coffee maker! This tip is ideal if you have a traditional coffee maker (sorry Keurig users.) All you have to do is clean out any leftover coffee grounds, pour water in, and turn the coffee maker on. The water will be hot enough to cook pasta, although it may take a bit longer since water typically does not boil from the heat of the coffee maker. My friends love to make fun of me for this trick, but they truly enjoy eating home-cooked pasta for a midnight snack! 

Side note: there are TONS of other things that you can cook using a coffee maker!

Use a Diffuser as a Humidifier

Dorms tend to have dry air, especially in the winter if your school uses a central air system. I love using my humidifier at home, but it is not allowed in the dorms, nor do I have much space for it. I do have a cute little diffuser though, and I realized that if I put it near my bed at night, it can also function as a small humidifier! Bonus points if you put essential oil in for some relaxing sleep.

Make Scrambled Eggs in the Microwave
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One of my goals for my first semester of college was to try my absolute hardest to eat breakfast every day, specifically something that would give me energy. I actually learned this tip during my middle school home economics class, but it really came in handy in college. All you do is crack an egg into a bowl and whisk. Then, microwave for thirty seconds, take it out, and flip the egg. Then, microwave for an additional thirty seconds. Add some salt and pepper, and voila! You have made the simplest egg breakfast.

Have a Small Toolbox

When I was told this, I pushed it to the back of my mind and did not think to bring one to college. Luckily, however, someone gifted me a toolbox that has come in handy way more than I expected it to! My roommate and I use it all the time for random needs and projects. The one I have includes a screwdriver set, levels, duct tape, wrenches, a box knife, pliers, a hammer, a tape measure, and more. It does not take up much room since everything in it is small. Having a toolbox on hand is definitely worth it because you never know when you will need it!

Plants, Plants, Plants!

This may not seem like a tip, but I promise you it is. Having plants in dorms is allowed and it is proven to boost moods, increase creativity, and reduce stress. I learned this trick from my roommate, who has plants lining her entire windowsill and is the most dedicated plant mom I know. If you are not a great plant owner (like myself,) I recommend purchasing succulents because they are very low maintenance and only need to be watered every one to two weeks. Not only will this brighten your spirits, it will also make your room seem more cozy!

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