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Calling all Swifties! Halloween is right around the corner, and if you’re still unsure about what to dress up as, here are 5 Taylor Swift inspired costumes!

Junior Jewels

This popular outfit is seen in Taylor’s “You Belong With Me” music video, and can be easily replicated. You can either buy a pre-made shirt, or DIY your own! All you really need to complete this iconic look is the Junior Jewels t-shirt and a pair of plaid pajama pants. If you are going for the whole outfit, you can even add the blue light glasses and pony-tail combination!

Shirt – https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1565345608/

Pajama Pants – https://a.co/d/4nY3jAd

A Lot going on at the moment

Taylor Swift wore this outfit during her iconic Eras Tour, in her “Red” era! With multiple variations of this shirt, the possibilities are endless! You can make this shirt, or you can buy one exactly like the one Taylor Swift wore on The Eras Tour. If you wanted to spice this costume up even more, you can add fun accessories like red sunglasses and fun shoes!

Shirt – https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1441515333/

Hat – https://a.co/d/6xqFJef

Shorts – https://a.co/d/4GtdcWk


This fun outfit idea comes from Taylor Swift’s 1989 era on her Eras Tour! Throughout her tour Taylor alternated between 4 different colored sets during her performance, so you can pick the color that best suits you! Wearing this outfit would be super iconic considering Halloween is only 4 days after the release of 1989 Taylor’s Version!

Outfit – https://a.co/d/1R2POuj


Back in 2020, Taylor Swift released a brand new album titled “folklore.” This album included a fan-favorite song titled “Mirrorball.” A mirrorball costume can easily be created, because you basically just have to look like a disco-ball. There are multiple different ways to recreate this outfit, some ideas include a dress, a cropped top paired with a skirt, a body suit/jumpsuit, etc. This costume has a lot more range than the others so you can get creative with it!

Top – http://ciderhere.com/HUeORI

Skirt – http://ciderhere.com/VMmvFc

The Man

“The Man” is a song off of Taylor’s first released album after departing from Big Machine Records, titled “Lover”. This iconic look can be seen on The Eras Tour, where she puts on a very impactful performance. To re-create this look, you can wear a sparkly 2 piece set, or you can use different ideas seen in her music video that she released back in 2020. The possibilities are endless!

2 Piece Set – https://a.co/d/48yxN4s

Mikenna McFadden is a member of the HerCampus IUP chapter, and her writing varies across the entertainment aspect of news. Mikenna is also apart of the social media team, where she posts relatable content on the club's TikTok account! At IUP, Mikenna is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2027. In Mikenna's free time she enjoy reading romance books, watching movies, and listening to music. Some of her favorite singers include Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams, Renee Rapp, Olivia Rodrigo, and Noah Kahan! Mikenna is a huge fan of all of these things, and they spark a lot of her inspiration for her articles!