4 Reasons I Stopped Having Sex With Strangers

Sex with strangers used to be the only way I would have sex. I haven't been in a serious relationship in years, but during this pandemic, I have learned that sex with strangers is actually really weird and dangerous. In this listicle, I'm gonna give you four reasons why I stopped having sex with people I didn't know.

  1. 1. It's Super Impersonal

    woman laying on top of man in underwear

    One thing I learned very quickly about hooking up with random people is that it's fun at first, but after the first hour or so it gets really weird. When you really only know the person's name, the conversation dies pretty quickly. Netflix and chill only lasts so long before things get super awkward. 

  2. 2. Everyone Chases Their Own Pleasure

    kissing in bed

    Going along with how impersonal it can be, when you hook up with someone: your pleasure usually isn't a high priority. Sometimes you strike a gold mine of a man who enjoys giving head or actually listens to you when you say "yes there" or "faster", but more often than not; the girl will leave unsatisfied. It sucks and it is something that we don't really talk about. 

  3. 3. Everyone Has Different Preferences

    woman holding a condom

    Some people prefer doggy, some prefer reverse cowboy. Some people like to use condoms, some don't. A lot of miscommunication and discomfort can stem from hooking up with strangers. When you aren't familiar with someone's preferences, it can cause a weird vibe and the experience won't be enjoyable. 

  4. 4. Having Sex With Someone You Know Is Just Better

    When you know who you are having sex with, it makes the experience just so much better. Whether it be someone you have continuous hookups with or just a friend, it makes you feel less self-conscious and can be less awkward. 

In conclusion, have sex with WHOEVER you want!!!!!! You don't have to have sex with anyone or everyone you want. Whatever you do, just make sure you are having safe, fun, and consensual sex.