3 Series to Watch if You're a Foodie

Food is the best, am I right? I love seeing how people can make their creations so beautiful and how doable they are for someone like me. If you’re like me, you love watching cooking shows whether they're fun or more serious. Here are my top 3 shows to watch if you love food:


Hell’s kitchen--This is a showdown of chefs competing to work in chef Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant in Las Vegas. The chefs are split into two teams and the team that is least successful in dinner service eliminates one member. This show is very cool in my opinion because it shows live action cooking and dinner service. It also shows how hard it is to be a chef. If you’re looking for a competition between talented chefs with emotions and all, this is the series for you!


(Photo credit to Sean O'Neal at AV News)


Zumbo’s Just Desserts--This is a competition between non-chefs for baking. Chef Adriano Zumbo, a dessert connoisseur, is a judge for the competition. The winner receives $100,000 as a prize. The contestants have random occupations such as car dealer, stay at home mom, and even stockbroker. This series shows that people with no culinary experience can enter a baking competition and win. If you’re looking for a competition between somebody like yourself, with beautiful delicious-looking creations, this is the series for you!

(Photo credit to IMBD)


Nailed it--This is a competition between people that shouldn’t even touch food--like myself! In this competition these people are given a dessert they have to recreate and they try their best. The prize is $10,000 and a “nailed it trophy” if you win. This is a fun series to watch to make you feel better about your cooking or just to have a laugh. It shows that you can still have fun in cooking, it doesn’t have to be so serious and perfect all of the time! This is the show for a foodie in need of a laugh or confidence for sure!

Photo credit to Scott Bryan at Buzzfeed

These are my all time favorite food series as a foodie myself enjoy watching and rewatching. I hope you take a look and enjoy them too!