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Everyone has their own opinion of their favorite season, and there are pros and cons of every season. Living in the United States and in an area that experiences all four seasons, I have enough understanding to form a structured list. Here, I would like to share my opinion of the four and order them, as well as explain the reasoning behind my rank.


To start my list, the best season would have to be autumn. Autumn has many positive aspects to it, such as:

  1. Cool air, brisk
  2. Daylight savings, which people gain an extra hour of sleep
  3. Pretty colors like the autumn leaves
  4. Compared to the previous season of summer, there is no more sweating and withstanding hot temperatures in the heat
  5. Autumn also tends to have a couple of warm days in the early season, which are nice and milder than the summer sun
  6. Halloween and dressing up for the occasion
  7. Pumpkin patches
  8. Haunted houses
  9. Thanksgiving, where you can eat delicious food, spend time with loved ones, and reflect on gratitude


Continuing the list, number two is summer. Although summer has many perks, I am not 

too avid about some characteristics. To begin, summer has many positives, such as:

  1. Warm, sunny weather
  2. Sun showers, where there is light rain while still being sunny (one of my favorite types of weather)
  3. Longer days, so you can experience more
  4. Since I am a college student, this typically means no school
  5. The majority of the fruits are in season, so you can enjoy fresh, ripe fruit throughout the season
  6. If you are fortunate enough to live near a beach or have the money to travel, summer has the perfect weather

Although summer has many enjoyable qualities, a couple of experiences make it not as favorable as its competitor, autumn. Some of these include:

  1. The weather can often be too hot, leading to a less-than-enjoyable day

2. If you live in a house, you have grass and most likely a garden of some sort to upkeep

3. There are lots of insects active in the summer, and I am not fond of bugs


Next on the list is winter. The aesthetic of winter seems all too wonderful, but the realities 

can be less than inviting. With freezing temperatures, icy roads, and snowstorms, I cannot see how this can be anyone’s favorite season. As well as this, if you drive, you know that this season can cause frozen, snowy cause that have to take care of before driving. Although this is true, some of the positives include:

  1. Snow, which can cause a pretty scenery
  2. Snow can also be fun to play in for children or those who are into winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding
  3. Holiday season: Winter has quite a few holidays, like Christmas and New Year, and overall has a friendly aura during this time
  4. Winter has a cozy ambiance as well, with hot chocolate, blankets, fluffy pajamas, and much more
  5. Winter also has Valentine’s Day
  6. No bugs, as they are much less active in the winter compared to summer or other seasons


Last and certainly least is the season of spring. I have very few favorable qualities to  

note, so it was not hard to place this as number four. To start, spring has:

  1. Too much rain
  2. Allergies are active
  3. Daylight savings, which means an hour of sleep is lost
  4. Unpredictable weather, it can be warm or snowy in March and April
  5. There is not a lot going on in the spring when it comes to holidays or activities
  6. Bugs start to become active again

Although spring is the last season on my last, some aspects are quite pleasant. These include:

  1. Warmer weather after a freezing season

2. When it does decide to be warm, the warm days in the spring can be enjoyable

3. April Fools, which is a fun event if you enjoy pranks

4. Personal to me, a lot of my friends’ birthdays are in the spring, so it is nice to celebrate with them

Overall, after much reflection, my ranking of the seasons would be autumn, summer, winter, and spring in that order.

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