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11 Purse or Backpack Must Haves for an On the Go Lifestyle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at IUP chapter.

As collegiettes, we are constantly running from class to club meeting to dinner with friends. We essentially live out of our purse or book bag and need to be prepared for anything life throws at us.  Her Campus has compiled a list of items that help keep our lives together on the go!

1. Hand sanitizer: Germs are everywhere and there is nothing we can do about it, but we can protect ourselves from germs by having hand sanitizer at our disposal. The fall season is upon us and that means a lot of sick people walking around.  If you are like me and constantly on a busy schedule, getting sick is not an option, so putting on hand sanitizer every now and again won’t hurt you and you may even protect the people around you!

2. Hair Items: Always keep a few bobby pins or hair ties in your purse or book bag; keep yourself sane when you hair unfortunately decides to take a different direction during the day.

3. Small Notebook and Pen: We live in the technology era where most notes are written into our phones, but nothing is more reliable than old fashioned paper and pen. Usually I have my planner in either my purse or book bag, but I also like to have an extra location to take notes.

4. Cash: Obviously we must have our wallets on us at all times, but we are so used to swiping our debit or credit cards, that we fail to realize that not all places take cards. So keeping about $20 on you at all times serves to help you when you need to buy something in an emergency or you pass by a little stand that doesn’t take card. You may never know!

5. Compact: I am always paranoid that I have something in my teeth after I eating or if there is something on my face, but oftentimes there is not mirror in sight! A compact mirror offers a discreet way to make sure you are looking fabulous at all times!

6. Tampon or Pad: The unexpected period has happened to all of us; if everything I mentioned above does not matter, this will! CARRY A TAMPON OR PAD AT ALL TIMES! There is nothing more frustrating than getting your period unexpectedly and not having a tampon or pad on you. Heed my warning when I say have one on you at all times!

7. Breath Mints or Gum: We all have encountered that one person who had less than agreeable breath when talking to you, or that person could be you! Hence, carrying a minty breath mint or gum is an essential item to have on you. Just stick it in when you finish eating or drinking something like coffee.

8. Snack: I live on a constricting schedule with no time to stop and have a burger. But you always need to have something to hold your stomach when you feel that monster growl coming on, that’s why it doesn’t hurt to have a granola bar or some small snack that can help you get by until your next meal.

9. Make-Up and Chapstick: I am not one to wear makeup every day, but when I do decide to doll myself up, I always carry a travel kit with me includes smaller versions of what I need: eyeliner, mascara, liquid eyeliner, concealer, and most importantly chapstick. I cannot survive without chapstick on me at all times!

10. Lotion or Perfume: I always find a spot somewhere that needs lotion and with the cold approaching, our skin is dryer than usual; especially our hands. So lotion is a must have! Or when you are freshening up, a small spritz of perfume can freshen your day!

11. Band-Aids and Tissues: When you wear a new pair of shoes that are hurting your feet or accidently knock into something, it’s a band-aid is to the rescue! With the cold hitting soon, a tissue can also be your savior.

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