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10 Tricks for Awesome Nails

It’s a new year, new semester, and new you. You get a chance to makeover your style, yourself, and your life. The good news is you don’t have to dye your hair a different color or completely update your wardrobe to update your appearance. Something as simple as a fancy nail design can be the perfect change to start your new semester. Her Campus IUP has compiled several easy hacks to create your perfect nail look. 

1. Paint over lace or mesh to create an easy design. 

2. Write on your nails with sharpie.

3. Use a fan brush to create a striped effect.

4. Add corn starch to clear nail polish to create a DIY matte topcoat.

5. Use a bobbypin to create easy, peasy polka dots.

6. Carve out pencils to make an easy leopard stamp.

7. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, use a toothpick to create a heart.

8. Create minion nails by following these simple steps:

9. Create super cute designs using scotch tape.

10. Use a sponge for amazing ombre nails.

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