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Why It Is Worth Playing Intramural Sports

            For those of you who have a competitive itch like I do and are unsure whether you want to play intramural sports like I was, I highly recommend just going for it.  There are three main reasons that convinced me to play as I was constantly looking for a fun way to unwind from a long day while showcasing my athletic talents.

1. Ability to hang out with friends in a different environment 

2. Rewarding by fulfilling the need for competition 

3. Way to escape from all legit responsibilities 

The good thing about Intramural Sports is that there are no tryouts. Never played basketball but feel like releasing your inner LeBron James? Go for it! Don’t feel like playing volleyball at a D1 school? Play at a lower level! Get out of your comfort zone and do something other than write papers and party. 

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