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Trends never truly go away; they just take extended holidays and come back in a couple decades. This year it seems like a combination of decades are making a comeback. These trends consist of denim on denim, embroidery, robes and slippers, dramatic sleeves and graphic tees.



Gucci is one big brand fully involved in the 70’s comeback with intricate embroidery and graphics on silk robes, jeans and denim jackets and bags. Other companies like Alice + Olivia, Stella McCartney, and Versace and are falling in step with this idea.

The 80’s are back with statement sleeves as Michael Kors, Zara, Chloé and more add a unique voice to all their lines.

Graphic tees are the hottest trend stemming from the 90’s. Designers have been adding graphic tees in every style from bedazzled to distressed. This trend adds an edgy facet to every outfit and can go with everything from jean skirts to tailored pants.

Vintage is back and paving a new road in the fashion world for individuality in everything you wear.

Understated companies selling this trend:

            Unemployed Denim

            Need Supply Co.

            Flying Solo





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