Victoria Lacy '16

THE BASICS:Name & Nickname: VictoriaMajor: Telecommunications and FrenchYear & Age: Junior, 20Hometown: Newburgh, INRelationship Status: In a relationshipExtra Curricular Activities: Filmmaking, running, volunteering, Independent Council and IU Student Cinema GuildGreek, or Nah: NAH!

FAVES:Super Heroine: ElastigirlNetflix Movie/Show: "Parks and Rec"Celebrity Crush: Chriss PrattBlockbuster: "The Dark Knight"First Date Food: Pasta and definitely dessertIce Cream Topper: Sprinkles and chocolate chipsCoffee Order: Grande dry cappuccino. Or hot chocolate because who doesn't love that?

HCIU: As a full-time student with so many extra curricular involvements, what's an average day look like for you?VL: During the week, I usually wake up around 7:00 a.m. and try to go for a run. Then, I go to classes, work, more classes, work again, club meetings, study and then end the day with some hot tea and "Parks and Rec".

HCIU: Yeesh. If you're so busy during the week, what do you look forward to most on weekends?VL: I usually look forward to any film shoots that I have, plus just relax a little bit and go out and do whatever fun things are going on that weekend.

HCIU: Any guilty pleasures?VL: I love getting in my pajamas with a cup of hot tea and watching "NCIS". You know, embracing my inner grandma.

HCIU: So, as president of the IU Student Cinema Guild, what's your fave mushy-gushy scene?VL: I can't think of a particular scene, but I really like "Love Actually". I'm a sucker for all rom-coms and Chrismas movies.

HCIU: Now for animation. What Disney relationship reflects your own?VL: This is a hard one. He would say anything-"The Lion King" just because it's his favorite, but I would have to say Aladdin and Jasmine. He is a lot more adventurous than I am, he encourages me to chase my dreams and I also wish I had a pet tiger, but we have a lot of fun together. He definitely makes me feel like a princess, and he plans the most fun dates. 

HCIU: Speaking of dates, what's your ideal first date look like?VL: Soemthing fun and quirky, but I also love food and movies. So combining all three is awesome.

HCIU: And, as for firsts, what's the first thing you look for in a guy?VL: Sense of humor, and clean fingernails!

HCIU: A clean manicure is a must. What else turns you off?VL: Gross eating habits, like chewing with an open mouth. No thanks.

HCIU: The male mind is forever misunderstood. What's something that confuses you about men?VL: They always make everything so complicated. If I can tell something is wrong, wouldn't it be easier if you actually expressed your feelings? Apparently they feel otherwise.

*Photos from the personal photo collection of Victoria Lacy