Touched Down In London Town

I’ve officially crossed the pond and survived a month in London. And by survived I mean absolutely flippen LOVE. I knew London was a place I always wanted to travel to, but I never knew the extent to which I’d enjoy being here. Picture Annie’s hometown in the Parent Trap and that is basically what it’s like. Huge red buses, authentic phone booths, black cabs and beautiful buildings covering the city. London has a variety of great things to do including markets, clubs, shopping and of course, tea. What is London without your typical “crumpets and tea?” Here is a picture of when I went to The Tea Room at Harrods.

Harrods is a department store. I mean, basically mall heaven for fashionistas. Here are pictures below to help explain a little more about this fantastic place. I basically want (need) to live there.

One of my favorite markets I went to would have to be Camden Market. They have 100+ vendors who come and sell freshly made food. They have everything from falafel to crepes to pasta…the list is never ending. My favorite was the Dutch pancakes…AKA mini pancakes covered in Nutella.

Other touristy things I enjoyed include Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye (have yet to actually go on it, though) and Windsor Castle.

London Eye

Buckingham Palace

Windsor Castle

Big Ben


If you can’t already tell…I am not too eager to come back to the States.

And yes, I am still on the hunt for Prince William and Kate, so stay tuned!

Cheers! (as the Brits say)



disclaimer: all photos taken by me