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Spring Break 2015 Expectations

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a magical place where the drinking age was 18, worries were forgotten, and people partied all day. ‘Twas a beautiful escape for America’s hard-working leaders of tomorrow. 

So what was this mystical fantasyland you ask? This was Spring Break 2014, and it’s back again for yet another year.

It’s that time again. College students swarm to the South, prepared to take on the craziest week of their premature existence. It’s a week dedicated to partying, tequila, and bad decisions. It’s where the parties are wilder, the drinks are stronger, and the music is louder, or in better words; it’s paradise. Spring Break is the trip we’ve been dreaming of for the past twenty years of our lives, and the only semblance of hope getting us through the semester.

Spring Break has followed us around for years. From movies, to television, to social media, we’ve practically grown up waiting to experience it for ourselves. It’s finally time we hop the border to Mexico and get this party started.

I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am. The moment I leave for the airport marks the beginning of the best week of my life. And I don’t know how I’m going to make it through the plane ride without exploding. I’m going to be too eager to sit still. But in attempt to calm my inner party girl, I’m going to list out my expectations for Spring Break here. It will ease my impatience and save the people around me from an extremely annoying passenger.

Expectation 1: Unlimited Alcohol Consumption. I am not travelling to Mexico for the warm weather or the beach, that’s what Florida is for. Spring Break means taking full advantage of the lowered drinking age. And it doesn’t hurt that our hotel is all-inclusive. Whatever we want: margaritas, pina coladas, or shots, provided free of charge and without picture ID.

Expectation 2: Raging Music ALL the Time. Were you really on Spring Break if you come back without hearing deficiencies? I’ve been blasting the music in my room for months preparing my ears for what they are about to endure. 

Expectation 3: Insane Nightclubs. After a long nap, we rally and get ready to go out again at night. And these are no typical nights in frat house; we are going to experience some of the sickest nightclubs in all of Mexico.

Expectation 4: Worried Texts from Mom. No Spring Break trip is complete without the inevitable hundred messages from Mom. So while we’re partying and ripping shots on the beach, she’s guaranteed to be stressing out over our every move. What is the best week of our lives is the absolute worst of hers. 

Expectation 5: An Irreversible State of Depression Upon Departure. I’m not going to say much about this one because I don’t want to believe this day will come. 

So Spring Break 2015, I hope to come back to Bloomington a different person. I hope this trip offers me a lifetime of memories that I won’t remember and a new sense of appreciation for tequila. Adios amigos, vamos a la playa!

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