Shameless is Back

Shameless season 8 premiers tonight at 9 p.m. and no one is more excited than me! I've been watching reruns and patiently waiting for this day to come and it's FINALLY here. 

Just incase your memory is a little foggy, here what to remember from season 7! 


             Fiona was pretty unaffected by Monica's death, which was a bit surprising since you would have thought officially losing her "absentee" mother would have hurt a bit more (unsettled issues). But apart from that, this season was pretty big for Fiona. She basically told her family to take care of their own stuff and she was done being their slave. Fiona is a new and improved woman after rehabilitating Patsy's Pies, opening and fully refurbishing a laundromat, and investing in an apartment building. I mean go you, Fiona! 

2. LIP

             Lip has kind of struggled this past season. Apart from being a huge jerk to Sierra, a waitress at Patsy's Pies and Lip's love interest during the season, Lip's biggest concern was his developing alcoholism. After finishing rehab, Lip stupidly convinced himself he could return to drinking in "moderation". That only lasted so long because Professor Youens, Lip's sort of role model and mentor, brought him in front of the University's board to appeal his expulsion, which was sadly denied. By the last episode, Lip is back in A.A. and hopefully will pull his sh*t together. 


                Frank had a pretty eventful season. He opened up a homeless shelter, stole money from his new "family", and then preceded to get kicked out of the shelter. Later on, he reunited with Monica only to find out she has fatal brain damage. Monica soon passes away, just before they were able to renew their vows. There are very few times times throughout the show that viewers pity Frank, but the one time watchers were able to was during Monica's funeral. His speech was something of pure love and hope... "We loved a lot. We fought a lot. Every time I look into one of you kids' faces, I see her face looking back at me — smiling, laughing. She was strong, and you're strong. And she was brave, and you're brave. I know you didn't think much of her, but she loved you. And you wouldn't be who you are and I wouldn't be who I am if she hadn't come into our lives. So hate her if you want, but she's in you. And that's a good thing." I mean watch that scene and try not to cry. 

4. IAN

          Ian started the season off working as an EMT and dealing with the love and loss of that job. Then Trevor comes along. At first, Ian has some doubts about dating a trans man, but they start a healthy relationship and a cute one at that. But don't worry, life is never simple for the Gallagher's, cause Mickey conveniently broke out of jail and convinced Ian to flee to Mexico with him. Ian agrees to go but bail at the border telling Mickey that he isn't this person anymore. It was a heartbreaking moment for Mickey and Ian's long love affair. 


           Carl, somehow now a teenager, was battling the ins and outs of relationships and sex. He got circumcised so his new girlfriend, Dom, would give him a blowjob. Then found out Dom had been cheating on him because she was diagnosed with gonnorhea, and he didn't have it. Soon after, Carl found a mentor in Dom's father who persuaded him to enroll in military school. 


      New mom Debbie, has just discovered the costs of having a child. She begins stealing rich people's baby strollers and selling them on Craigslist. She eventually gets caught and ends up having to beg for money on street corners. This leads to her getting into a fist fight and someone recording it, leading baby daddy Derek's family to call child services on her. Debbie ends up taking care of Sierra's parapalegic brother, Neil, who provides financially for Debbie and Franny and gives them a comfortable home to live in. Derek's family, still not satisfied with Debbie's actions as a mom, basically kidnap Franny. With Monica's help, Debbie gets her back and then ends the season determined to become a welder. 7. LIAM

       Liam basically was being fathered by Frank, unlike his older siblings. After Liam's public school was shut down, Frank was able to somehow get Liam in a private school. At least he helped one of his kids. 



       Throughout the season, the three are pretty successful in runnng the Alibi and Kev's topless maid service. By the end of the season, the couple split up, once Kev and V discovered Svetlana tricked them into signing over the Alibi to her and bringing in her abusive husband into their home, lying to them saying he was her father. 


So with that said, get ready for Season 8! 


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