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Saving Money on Spring Break

It’s that time of year when million of students flee their college towns and indulge in a much needed Spring Break. Whether you are going to Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Lake Tahoe, Canada or California, here are five tips on how you can save your bank account while you’re gone. 

  1. Road Trip

Get a group of friends and pack up the car rather than taking an expensive flight. Nothing gets you hype like a good road trip with lots of food and tunes.

  1. Allocate your daily budget before you leave

Don’t bring money that you don’t want to spend. This seems simple but you will be shocked at how much money you save by just setting a budget and sticking to it.

  1. Bring your own or make your own food

Depending on where you go, food has the potential to be the most expensive aspect of you trip. Bring a few snacks or make dinner in one night to avoid high costs at restaurants.

  1. Ride a bike or walk to your destinations rather than taking an Uber

Going out one night or roaming downtown shops during the day? If the weather is nice, ride a bike or take a walk. Uber is an extremely helpful tool, however, costs can really add up.

  1. Bring your Student ID

You would be surprised how many places give student discounts. Regardless, it can’t hurt to try. Plus, all the old folks will be jealous that you are on Spring Break AND you’re saving money. 

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