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Quals Recap

QUALS. The day I've been waiting for since I committed to Indiana University. To put it simply, Quals is Little 500 compressed into one day. From the crack of dawn to the crack of dawn the next day-- these 24 hours are simply magical.

I’ll give you a brief overview of the day so you can live vicariously through my experience. I set my alarm for 3:50 am. Granted, it took me a solid 45 minutes to get out of bed because it was FOUR O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING, but nonetheless, I got up and started getting ready.

Around 5:30 am, we went to our sorority house to get together before rushing the streets of North Jordan for our pair. By 6:15 am and we were well into the day.

Just imagine every student at IU hopping from party to party, dancing like nobody is watching, screaming loud enough to break the windows and dressing like color blind crazy people. For most, nap time is necessary. But for the strong, they go straight through. Oh yes, the day doesn’t end at noon. It goes all through the night.

Moral of the story-- quals can be described in three words: festive, tradition, rowdy. I can only hope that everyone gets to experience a day like Quals once-- a day in which all IU students are thriving. 


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