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Prepare Yourself, It’s Almost Little 5

There is something in the air here at IU. I’ll give you a hint. It’s not the fresh smell of spring flowers or the floating pieces of pollen, even though both are wreaking havoc on my allergies. It’s the overwhelming smell of anticipation for Little 500. Next Monday kicks off the epic Indiana tradition, so get ready for the race to begin. Welcome to the greatest college week(end) in America.

For those of you who have yet to experience Little 5, it’s basically an annual bike race modeled after the Indianapolis 500. However, it’s difficult to imagine a bike race as the be-all-end-all event Hoosiers look forward to every year. Well let me tell you, Little 5 so much more than just a bike race, it’s a week-long celebration that’s dedicated to partying, day drinking, concerts, music, spirit, friends, and absolute madness. In fact, when Lance Armstrong visited back in the day he said, “I’ve attended Super Bowls, World Series and the Monaco Grand Prix, but the coolest event I ever attended was the Little 500.” I think it’s pretty safe to say that Little 5 lives up to the hype.

With the craziest week of school quickly approaching, there are a few things that are important to know because nothing should get in the way of you enjoying your first, second, third, or last (*crying face*) Little 5. Follow this advice for the best week of your life!

Get all your school work done ahead of time. The last place you want to be during Little 5 is in the library, so it’s important to finish your assignments beforehand so that you’re free to enjoy the week.

Communicate with professors. Though it’s a holiday for us, most professors really don’t care that it’s Little 5. Try negotiating due dates and attendance with teachers. If you’re lucky, some can be persuaded to cut you some much-deserved slack during this very special time.

Save your absences. Classes are about 50% empty during Little 5. Skipping is practically a rite of passage. Make sure you’ve saved up enough absences that your grade won’t be affected if you choose to miss class.

Stock up. Hit the supermarket and load up on food for the whole week. You’re not going to have time to cook, so think quick and easy meals like eggs and pasta. These are high in protein and carbs this way you’re not drinking on an empty stomach.

Limit the number of visitors. While guests are great, it’s not the best time to have your whole high school friend group come and stay with you. Limit the amount of people visiting you during Little 5 because having visitors is a responsibility and you are not going to want to babysit your friends when they can’t handle their Peach Takka.


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