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OMG, Harry Styles is Co-Hosting The Late Late Show

It’s pretty obvious that Harry Styles knows how to send his fans into mass hysteria. Well, fan girls rejoice because he’s done it again. Collective screams were heard around the world yesterday when it was announced via video that Harry will be co-hosting The Late Late Show with James Corden for an entire week. Yes, you read that right, an ENTIRE WEEK OF HARRY.

The clip begins with the late-night host jamming out to “Sign of the Times” while reading Harry’s new Rolling Stone interview. Harry then conveniently FaceTimes James to ask a favor, “I’m coming to L.A. soon, and I need somewhere to stay.” James invites him to stay at his house, but Harry refuses and rather suggests to stay on set of The Late Late Show, claiming it “feels like home.” He agrees as long as Harry complies with one rule, “zero house guests.” Harry also offers up his vocals to thank James for his hospitality. So not only will he appear on the show for a full week, but he is going to showcase a new song from his album each night! That means audiences will hear almost half of Harry’s solo material performed live, without even going to a concert. HELP, NOT BREATHING.

​It is confirmed that Harry will also be featured in a variety of skits and segments, so get ready for an epic week. His fans are already counting down the days until his album drops, so this announcement is just icing on top of the cake. Harry will be on the show May 15-18. Deep breaths, the excitement is way too much to handle.

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