Nikki Goldstein: Creator of Fab Food Fiesta Instagram

#foodporn, #eeeeeats, #hungrybetches are just a few of the common hashtags we see floating around social media regularly regarding mouth-watering food. With popular photography apps - such as Instagram - filters and other effects can be applied to photos to make these meals more aesthetically pleasing. With thousands of likes and followers, which is a huge deal in social media land, these Instagram accounts are solely dedicated to show the pulling apart of a gooey, grilled, three-cheese sandwich or a sweet breakfast topped with fresh fruit and dusted with powdered sugar. Accounts like NewForkCity (in NYC) and Spoon University (accumulation from college campuses around the country) are seen as “insta-famous” by foodies everywhere. Indiana University is lucky to have our own insta-famous celebrity of a food account. Meet Nikki Goldstein.

THE BASICS:Name: Nikki GoldsteinYear: FreshmanHometown: Needham, MassachusettsMajor: Undecided

FAVES:Pizza Toppings: Cheese, pesto & fried eggplantB-Town Restaurant: Red Chopsticks & FarmType of Food: Sushi

HCIU: How did you get the idea for Fab Food Fiesta?NG: In the summer of 2013, my best friend and I saw a bunch of new food Instagram blogs. We share a true love for food and a slight obsession with social media, so we thought we would try and make our own food Instagram.

HCIU: Did you ever expect to have as many followers as you do?NG: We never expected all of these followers. We started fabfoodfiesta for fun without any intentions of getting several hundred likes on a picture and having several thousand follows. Our friends started following our account and then their friends started following and our numbers grew.

HCIU: How do you promote your account?NG: We continue to promote our account by word of mouth. Also, if people tag fabfoodfiesta in their pictures, there’s a good chance their photo will be featured in a post with their name tagged

HCIU: What locations is Fab Food Fiesta based out of?NG: Fabfoodfiesta is primarily based out of Boston because that is where we are from. However, whenever we travel, or someone tags us in a picture, we will always use the real location.

* Photos curtsey of Nikki Goldstein and FabFoodFiesta account