Meet Fashionista, Samantha Sack

Meet Samantha Sack, a Long Island native. Sam is a freshman at Indiana University and despite the fact that she is a busy student, the manager of her own business and a soon to be fashion blogger, she has taken the time to sit down with me to discuss her passion for fashion.

HCIU: Are you taking any fashion classes?

Samantha:  Yes, I am taking Introduction to Apparel Merchandising.

HCIU: Are you planning on taking more fashion classes?

Samantha: Yes, I want to learn more about the marketing aspect of the fashion industry.  

HCIU:  What is it like having your own business in which you design your own clothes?

Samantha: Managing and working for “Made by Samantha” is both stressful and exciting. I have freedom to make what I want and sell it to people who are interested in wearing my custom clothes. It is a cool way to get started in the industry.

HCIU: Are you excited about starting your fashion blog?

Samantha: Absolutely. I am really excited that I get to share my fashion based idea with other people and I love the fact that people are going to be able to get inspiration from something I love to do.

HCIU: What is it about fashion that lures you in?

Samantha: It is a great form of self-expression.