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Lollapalooza 2018

On Tuesday, March 20, tickets for the popular Chicago music festival Lollapalooza went on sale. A day later, the lineup was released so eager fans could see which artists would be hitting the stages this summer, and they weren’t disappointed.

Lollapalooza is a unique festival with acts varying drastically in terms of genre and popularity. Each year there are a few headliners, or popular artists meant to attract the largest crowds, as well as smaller bands for those niche groups of fans. This year, the headliners are set to be The Weekend, Bruno Mars, Arctic Monkeys, Travis Scott, ODEZA, and Post Malone, just to name a few! In utilizing multiple popular artists, the directors of the festival hope to disperse the crowds as much as possible to prevent overcrowding, as well as allowing all festival-goers to have the best experience possible close to the stage!

The lineup this year also features many artists with new music. This is popular for many large music festivals to do, as it benefits both the artist and the venue by having the music played be relevant while giving the artist a chance to promote and practice their new songs live. Logic, Bruno Mars, ODESZA, Blackbear, Post Malone, and many other A-list artists have all dropped new music recently, making their value increase for both fans and Lollapalooza itself!

Since 1991, Lollapalooza has hosted a variety of popular alternative, pop, rock, rap, hip hop, and electronic bands and artists. With a total of eight stages, there is never a time where you can’t go listen to some great music! Lollapalooza is known for hosting extremely talented artists as well. While most concerts rely on flashy performances, Lollapalooza emphasizes the artist by having limited screens, lights, and space. On most stages, the screens are used just to project the artist so those far away can see, not to help the performer. In doing this, Lollapalooza produces a festival experience in which fans can go and actually listen to the music they want to hear, as well as have a more personal experience with the artists. Located across Grant Park in Chicago, Lollapalooza continues to expand. 2016 saw the festival change to a four day event and there have been global locations in Brazil, France, Germany, Chile, and Argentina. 

Lollapalooza will be held Aug 2-5 this summer and people are already making their travel plans. This festival brings people from across the country and across the world together. People of all ages are able to come to a great city, meet new people, and experience music in a unique and exciting way.


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