Jesse Cooperman '16

THE BASICS:Name & Nickname: Jesse Cooperman (Coop)Major: Psychology & Special Needs Secondary EducationYear & Age: Junior, 20Hometown: Radnor, PARelationship Status: Currently taking applicationsExtra Curricular Activities: Nothing resume worthy!  Greek, or Nah: Nah bro!

FAVES:Big Boy Beverage: Captain & CokeParty Theme: ABCSuper Hero: They aren't realNetflix Movie/Show: "The Office"Celebrity Crush: Nancy Botwin Chick Flick: "Pitch Perfect"B-Town Date Spot: The art museumFood before 2 a.m.: A nice home-cooked meal 

HCIU: What’s a day-in-the-life look like for you?JC: Wake up, contemplate the day, go to class, come home to eat, go to work, come to home eat again, homework/netflix, eat again, go to sleep. 

HCIU: What do you look forward to most on weekends?JC: Not having any rules to follow.

HCIU: How do you like to be approached by women? Or do you like to do all the introductions?JC: Come in hot with something cheesy, but funny.

HCIU: What’s your least favorite female clothing trend?JC: The rainy day Hunter Boot epidemic. 

HCIU: Most guys complain about not understanding women. What’s something you don’t understand about females?JC: How they can spend hours getting ready for one party or night out.